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Health Benefits Associated With Daily Yoga Practice
If someone were to say that all yoga classes sucked, that statement would be true. If said also, however, did not also love the freedom and all the flexibility that they offer. The good news? Online yoga classes do not only exist; they prevail.

There are lots of great yoga classes out there, and most of them deserve a place in your schedule. One such type of yoga that helps improve balance and flexibility is Hatha Yoga. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of yoga, it can help you with the fitness goals you may have, as well as the mental and physical improvements that come with it.

One study performed at the end of the last summer’s study abroad program showed that participants who took yoga classes experienced significant decreases in their stress levels. In fact, the decrease in stress levels was more pronounced than the decrease in overall anxiety. This study made the clear link between yoga and mental and physical well being. The reduced stress translates into a higher quality of sleep at night, which also has positive effects on both physical and mental health. It also helped reduce anxiety levels.

Another example of the benefits of online yoga classes comes from a study done at the University of Glasgow. The participants of these classes were asked to complete a series of tasks, and those who took classes on a regular basis had higher skill levels than those who did not take the classes. This skill level improvement seemed to last throughout the six month period of training.

Breathing skills were also improved when participants took part in yoga classes. During these sessions, students were taught the ancient technique of diaphragmatic breathing. This is done by taking gradual, controlled breaths through the nose and out of the mouth. It is believed that this technique helps improve the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the body.

As previously mentioned, another set of health benefits associated with yoga is improved flexibility and increased range of motion. Flexibility refers to the ability to move freely without pain. It is a general said of the body that “if you have no pain then you do not have flexibility.” Similarly, the word “range of motion” refers to the ability to move with great ease and fluidity in all directions. Improvement in these two areas results in a person’s overall flexibility and mobility. Finally, it has been shown that taking part in a daily yoga practice will increase ones overall well-being because it increases balance, increases strength and increases resiliency.

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